Gustavo Faverón Patriau


"By the end the reader is left hallucinating uncontrollably" - MARIO VARGAS LLOSA

"A delightfully macabre first novel... Once you finish reading, you may feel compelled to take it apart, figure out how it works and begin again" - CARMELA CIURARU, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"A thrilling gem of a novel" - DANIEL ALARCÓN

"[A] perfect blend of page-turning narrative and knockout prose" - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"Profound, poignant, dark, and complex... One of the year's finest novels" - LARGEHEARTED BOY

"The book itself moves through walls as a ghost" - P.T. SMITH, THREE PERCENT

"A masterful debut... Rarely does a literary mystery work on as many levels as this" - KIRKUS REVIEWS

"Dazzling and unforgettable" - LAURA VAN DEN BERG

"A splendid neo-gothic tale... It’s the kind of read that alters your experience of reading" - DENNIS HARITOU

"A great metaphor of the art of storytelling and that which feeds it. A great novel" - ALONSO CUETO

"Consummate literary artistry" - BRYCE CHRISTENSEN, BOOKLIST

"The kind of literature that draws the new maps of hell" - ÁLVARO BISAMA

"Gustavo Faverón has written a great novel" - EDMUNDO PAZ SOLDÁN

"A multilayered debut thriller" - LOS ANGELES TIMES

"A pitch-black literary thriller that locates the thin line that separates love and horror" - WAYNE ROYLANCE, NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY


"Exciting first novel (...) An innovative psychological thriller with deliberate echoes of Jorge Luis Borges that insists on the reader's participation" - JACK SHREVES, LIBRARY JOURNAL